Dignity Public School

Dignity Public School

Dignity Public School

We are proud of the fact this our school was judged as an outstanding school by the public and we all work enormously hard to ensure that every individual pupil is challenged and developed in every aspect of their learning. You will see that as well as being a highly successful school. 

School Trip And Educational Visits

The School Office keeps a record of all Parents’ telephone numbers and other useful information for use in emergency. It is essential that you keep us fully informed of any changes to this information in this way.
This year trips and visits have included School trips and visits are an important aspect of your child’s education. Some visits are local whilst others are further afield and require transport. Parents are given full details of proposed arrangements for visits well in advance. We may ask parents to give a contribution towards the cost of a visit.

Meetings @ DPS

If a problem arises at home which may affect the daily routine of your child, parents are encouraged to discuss the matter with the Principal or relevant member of staff. Similarly a teacher may wish to discuss a problem in school with the parents.
There are mentoring meetings each term for parents to meet the class teacher with their child to view their children’s work and discuss the progress being made. Parental attendance is essential and highly valued.
Parents are encouraged to visit the school at any time that is mutually convenient to discuss any aspect of their child’s development.
If there are issues you need to discuss relating to your child’s progress.
Please do not wait for a formal interview; teachers are nearly always available at the beginning and end of the school day. After school activities.

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